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Hi there lovely. I am Lexx Ellins + I am so thrilled to meet you.

Most days you can find me rocking a pair of yoga pants and conquering my dreams with a coffee in hand.

I am mostly known for my minimalist lifestyle and strong desire to spread love + light around the word.

People often refer to me as a badass babe with a big heart + a kind soul.

I love serving the world by inspiring others to create a life of balance + simplicity centred around the sacred act of self love.

The thing I am most passionate about in life is helping women embrace the power of minimalism to create space for radical self love.

I work with women who are yearning to escape the chaos + overwhelm of their daily lives.

I coach these amazing women to connect deeply with their authentic self + level up their self love game. 

I help them create systems + develop habits that enable them to optimize their lifestyle and make space for the passions that fuel their mind, body, + soul. 

I am blessed with the opportunity to inspire these lovely ladies to create a life of Less Stuff, More Love. 

Through my 1:1 coaching services, online courses, + live workshops I support women on their journey of creating a balanced lifestyle, embracing their unique beauty, and allowing their inner feminine badass to shine.

As a Life Coach I have been featured in such wonderful places as the Solopreneur Society Blog and in Event Head + Military Family magazines. 

When I'm not busy working with my beautiful clients you can catch me snuggling with my adorable fur babies, rolling out my yoga mat, or binge watching Game of Thrones with my handsome hubby.

If you're dying to hear more here are 5 things you might not know about me...

+ Coffee is my Spirit Animal and my favourite way to begin my day.

+ I have travelled to 11 different countries and dream of seeing every inch of the world. 

+ Every time I go shopping I find myself asking "Does this come in black?"

+ I have 9 tattoos, all of which have significant meaning + all of which I love. 

+ My deepest desire is to spread love + light to every person I meet, in every corner of the world. 

Still here lovely lady? I would absolutely LOVE to connect with you. 

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xo Lexx