Creating Success Through Morning Rituals

One of my favourite quotes of all time is that "Self care in not selfish, rather it is essential." I know so many people who think they should spend as much time as possible making others happy and caring for those they love, and they never take time out of their days to do things that bring them joy. 

I used to be one of those people, until I realized how badly it stressed me out and left me feeling drained and exhausted nearly all the time. My tanks were all running on empty because I was constantly giving to others without first taking the time to fill them back up. This is never a good situation for anybody involved. Truth be told this sort of lifestyle made me a little miserable to be around because my mood was up and down like a rollercoaster. 

Since designating myself an hour each morning to do the things that fuel my soul and bring me joy I have become a much more positive and pleasant person. I take this chunk of time to quiet my mind, allow my creativity to flow, and to surround myself with things that make me feel inspired and motivated.

This post is designed to show you the things that I do during my morning me time. I challenge you to use this as a starting point to develop your own morning routine. You will notice the difference in your life immediately when you start your day off doing things that bring you joy. If you love running, do it! If you like to paint, do it! This is your time to do anything you wish that will put you in the right mindset to succeed in anything the day puts in your path. 

Here is a list of the things that I do each morning to put myself in the right mindset to create the life of my dreams. 


This is the key to getting myself in the correct mindset to start my day off right. I am still a fair bit of a newbie to meditation and truth be told I don't do so well with just sitting and breathing. Being a Type A personality who is always on the go, I am a huge fan of guided meditations. I LOVE the app Omvana for this as it is full of some pretty awesome FREE meditations. They are all varied in type and length, but one of my favourites is a 12 minute Abundance Meditation by Melissa Ambrosini. It puts me in a wonderful mindset that helps me to attract more of the things I want in my life. I also love using my noise canceling headphones for this so that I can drown out any external noise and distractions. 


This is another essential for me every single day. Being a yoga teacher it is all too easy to get lazy and just say that the classes I teach are my practice for the day, but I notice an immense difference in my wellbeing and my mental state when I take even just 10-20 mins in the morning to get my yoga on. When I teach I am so focused on talking everyone through the poses and what is coming next that I don't actually get to properly breathe. Yoga is first and foremost a practice of breath so I take a bit of time each day to at least do a few sun salutations, some standing and balancing poses, and an inversion or two. Both my body and my mind are very thankful for this part of my morning me time. 


I absolutely love to both read and write so I find it so fulfilling to go through my Simple Abundance books and write down anything that they inspire within me. These books are truly fantastic as each of them is only a page long read for each day, but they really make you think. I look forward every single day to reading these books and then pouring my thoughts out onto paper. Another part of my journaling practice is my gratitude and mindset work. I like to jot down at least 5 things each day that I am grateful for to remind myself how many wonderful things I have in my life. Then I follow that up with setting intentions about how I want to feel throughout my day. If it's a day that will be filled with working on my business I say that I want to feel driven and focused. If it's going to be a day where I focus on self care I set my intention to be relaxed and thoughtful. Setting your intention for the day is a very powerful way to ensure you are starting your day off on the right foot. 

Sensory Awareness

I love to be surrounded by things that stimulate my senses in an uplifting way and create an environment that brings me joy and peace. This is the reason why I buy beautiful journals, pretty coffee mugs, decorative frames, and inspirational pens. This is the same reason why I absolutely love essential oils, scented candles, and the taste of coffee in the morning. It is a wonderful way to enjoy the beauty in the small things in life. I enjoy lighting a vanilla scented candle and breathing in the aroma as I meditate and journal each morning. I also love to wear my inTune doTerra rollerball on my temples and my chest to allow me to focus fully on the present moment. These tiny things are such a huge part of my morning me time as they allow me to feel so comfortable and calm. 

Scheduling & Prioritizing

I am and quite possibly always will be a huge planner junkie. In previous years I have had more than one on the go at a time because each one did something different. Ever since discovering the Passion Planner that Angelia Trinidad designed I have been able to stick to this one planner each day for 95% of my needs. The only other planner I use is the one where I brainstorm all of my social media and blog posts.  The Passion Planner is incredible because it focuses on mind mapping out your goals and using that visual to create your schedule around your goals and ambitions. It's the most wonderful planner I have come across thus far and it is a great way for me to see a visual of my day, including where I have some white space to do with as I please. I am big on leaving white space scheduled into my days to allow myself to flow with what my intuition says I should be doing next. I schedule in the mandatory things like work, exercise, clients, classes I teach, my morning me time routine, and sleep. The rest I leave blank to allow myself the freedom to decide what I want to do with that white space. Sometimes I fit productive things into it, like working on my website or developing a new product, and other times I take that time to just be in the present moment, reading, writing, or relaxing in another manner that brings me joy. 

So there you have it. This is my Morning Me Time Routine that I use to set myself up to be wildly productive and successful each and every day. Success isn't all about hustling and grinding, but rather it is something that is achieved by ensuring that you have taken time to set yourself up for it through mindset work and taking time out of your day for you. 

Now it's your turn to do the talking by commenting below and letting my know what your morning routine looks like.

What do you do each and every day that sets you up for a successful day?