A Divine Awakening in Glastonbury

There is a beautiful little town named Glastonbury in England where I stepped off the bus and instantly felt like I had come home. 

It is a town that is absolutely filled with magic, divine feminine energy, and the ability to set you on a spiritual journey of healing and discovery. 

I am a large believer in the power of the Universe to guide us to where we are meant to be in each moment of our lives. If you tap into the power of your intuition and listen to Her guidance She will take you where you are meant to go. 

I had intended on reading the book Rise Sister Rise by Rebecca Campbell in June, before leaving for our Summer of travelling around Europe, where I knew I would get to meet her at the Beautiful You Coaching Academy Paris Inspiration Day (more to come on this in a later post.) 

As it happened I was so busy preparing for our wedding, our trip, and squeezing in visits with friends and family, that I didn’t get a chance to even start reading it until last week. 

Instead I found myself reading the chapter in which she speaks of the power and inspiration that lay in Glastonbury while working on a beautiful little farm in the countryside in England. 

My soul felt instantly drawn to this magical little town on Glastonbury where so many light-workers are called by the balance between the divine masculine and feminine energies that occur through the intersection of the Michael and Mary meridian lines. 

Out of curiosity I looked up Glastonbury on Google Maps and found out that I was a mere 30 minute bus ride away!

Job well done Universe for showing me all the signs I needed to bring me to this beautiful place. 

One of the places I knew I absolutely had to check out while I was exploring the town was the Glastonbury Goddess Temple where women often go to bask in the radiance of the Goddess and to meditate and pray in the presence of a Priestess of Avalon, and other beautiful souls who are drawn to honour the Goddess. 

The moment I stepped through the doors to the Goddess Temple my body, mind, and soul felt like time had stopped and I was exactly where I was meant to be in that moment. 

I lit a candle, placed it on the altar in front of a beautiful portrait of the Goddess of Avalon, and sat down on a cushion to simply breathe and soak up the energy that existed within the temple. 

My body began to feel light, my mind felt at ease, and my soul felt loved, supported, and held by the Goddess and by those around me in this beautiful space. 

The past few years I have felt a calling to work with women to heal past wounds, to connect with the divine feminine within, and to step fully into my higher purpose on this Earth. 

Until this moment I had not felt ready, nor had I felt like I had any right to do this work. Who am I to help women on this journey when I am still fumbling along myself, trying to find my way. 

Yet in this moment, I just felt so sure that this is exactly what I am meant to be doing. 

I am a light-worker. 

I am a leader. 

I am a healer.

I am a woman worthy of the love I so willingly give to others. 

I was beginning to feel all of these things welling up inside of me that I had been pushing away for so long. 

Next thing I knew I was feeling called to stand up, and ask the Priestess who was present that day at the Goddess Temple to do a smudging ritual for me. 

I felt as if I had floated up and made this request, as if it was beyond my bodies control, and I was being physically guided by the Universe. 

She asked me if I had anything that I wanted to let go of and release. 

I remember hearing myself say, “I am ready to let go of old stories and negative parts of my past that are holding me back and no longer serving me.”

She held both of my hands in hers and I could feel a connection that has never existed between myself and complete stranger. She felt like a sister I had know from a past life. 

She began to allow the fragrant smoke to billow around my body, and I closed my eyes to fully experience the release of things I had been holding onto for much too long. 

As soon as I closed my eyes I could feel the tears begin to stream steadily down my face. 

I let go of my masculine desire to wipe away the tears, and instead stepped fully and completely into the divine feminine energy within me. 

I felt like a door had opened within my heart and I was allowing my tears to heal old wounds which I had buried for so much of my life. 

I could feel the energy of every women I know, every women who came before me, and every woman I have yet to meet surrounding me in this time of healing and grace. 

I began to cry so much that the sobs shook my entire body and all I could do is breathe deeply and let it all go. 

I could feel a release of an entire lifetime of living in my masculine energy, trying to control outcomes, trying to force myself to fit into societies standards for me, and trying to stifle my tears for fear of being seen as weak. 

It all came crashing down around me and I could feel myself becoming lighter and lighter. A weight was lifted off my shoulders and my heart became so full I thought it might burst. 

I felt like a phoenix rising from the ashes. I was stepping fully into the woman I am meant to be in this new phase of my life. 

After the smudging ceremony I wrapped my beautiful new sister in my arms, and we hugged each other for what was probably only minutes, but felt like an eternity in the most beautiful way. 

The hug was a communication between us which could not have been expressed with words alone.

Thank you sister. I support you. I see you. I know you. I love you. Blessed be.