7 Badass Girl Bosses That Inspire Me

There is definitely something to be said for the level of inspiration that one can find in watching other women shine and succeed at something they are truly passionate about. 

This is a list of just a few of the incredible female entrepreneurs that have been my inspiration in the last year of building and launching my business. 

Cassey Ho

CEO and Founder of Blogilates + POP Pilates + Popflex Activewear

This amazing woman started out filming workout videos for women in her living room and has since then built an empire that is worthy of so much recognition. 

She dedicates her life to inspiring and empowering others through her sparkling personality, drive, and determination. 

She has helped millions of women get fit, and in the process form a healthy relationship with their bodies. 

I feel blessed to be a part of her community as a Certified POP Pilates Instructor and to have the honor of helping her to build a community of women who are supporting one another in achieving their goals. 

Check this badass babe out here

Naomi Arnold

Certified Beautiful You Life Coach + Award Winning Business + Life Passion Coach

I stumbled across Naomi a little over a year ago and was shocked to learn that she has only been in business since 2014. In that short period of time she has accomplished so many inspirational things. 

She has been awarded International Coach of the Year, been featured in over 50 print and digital media sources, became the first Engaging Women Ambassador, and launched a podcast that helps inspire so many people. 

It was through Naomi that I discovered the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy and signed up to begin my journey to becoming a Life Coach. It was her warmth, creativity, and passion towards helping others that made me certain that I wanted to become a part of the Beautiful You community.

I am incredibly thankful that I will have the opportunity to work with Naomi later this year as one of her coaching clients. I am very much so looking forward to experiencing her talents first hand.

Learn more about this amazing woman here.  

Julie Parker

CEO + Founder of the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy

This radiant woman is the creative genius behind the Beautiful You Coaching Academy. She is one of the warmest, most passionate, and most caring women I have ever NOT met and yet still feel like I have known for years. 

She is such a positive person and her light shines so brightly that even just seeing one of her posts on Instagram can light up your entire day. She embodies love in absolutely everything that she does and I can hardly wait to meet her in person this summer.

It is so rare that you meet someone who truly puts her heart and soul into everything that she does and Jules is a prime example of that. 

She has been such an inspiration to me during this first phase of my entrepreneurial journey and I look forward to learning more from her in the years to come. 

Connect with this beautiful soul here

Carrie Green

CEO + Founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association + Author of She Means Business

I stumbled across this lovely lady in my search for female entrepreneur inspiration a little less than a year ago. Since then I have learned countless things from this driven boss babe, like how to grow my e-mail list, how to create a stunning website, and even the importance of self care. 

She has created a tribe of female entrepreneurs who connect with and support one another over in her Members Club. I am so thankful to be a member, as I have learned so much from both Carrie and the other members. 

I have turned to her informative videos, beautiful printables, and inspirational newsletters more times than I can count. She never ceases to amaze me with her can do attitude and with the way she always shows up with a beautiful smile upon her face. 

She is remarkably humble for such a successful woman, and she continues to add value to the lives of women all over the world on a daily basis. If you are a female entrepreneur I highly recommend checking her out. 

You can find this exceptional lady here

Jess Lively

Creator of The Lively Show + Life with Intention Online

I stumbled across this wonderful woman just last summer when I did a search for "inspirational podcasts for women entrepreneurs". Since then I have been absolutely hooked on her podcast "The Lively Show. 

I went back and binge listened to nearly every single episode, which by the way is currently sitting at 187 episodes. Needless to say I am in LOVE with what this lovely lady has to say and how she has impacted my life. 

I was so in love with what she has to offer that I signed up for her signature course Life with Intention Online last fall and I can't stop raving about how amazing it was. I connected with myself, my intuition, and my values on a whole new level than ever before. 

Jess has spent over 12 years learning the things she teaches in her course and on her podcast and I am so grateful that I stumbled across her when I did. She has changed my life in ways I may never be able to repay her for. 

Learn about what this intuitive goddess has to offer here.

Amy Porterfield 

Social Media Strategy Consultant + Creator of The Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast

This gorgeous lady is the founder of the only other podcast I stuck with after my google search turned up about 20 podcasts. She is such an inspiration and has found a way to make what I used to consider the dull side of business more fun and interesting. 

When I first began my entrepreneurial journey I was incredibly overwhelmed with all the technical things I didn't know and just how much learning I had ahead of me. I had no idea how to build a website, create a blog, start an e-mail list, or schedule social media content. 

For the first 6 months everything I did was both very sporadic and intensely overwhelming. When I discovered Amy's podcast I knew the universe had sent me to her for a reason. 

Since then I have learned so many valuable things, such as how to get my e-mail inbox to ZERO on a DAILY basis. That's right! Daily! I have also learned how to create content for you, my wonderful subscribers, and how to do so without pulling my hair out over something I can't figure out. 

If you are a fellow entrepreneur and need a bit of help with the technical side of things check her out here

Marie Forleo

Owner of MarieTV + Marie Forleo's B-School

I came across Marie just over a year ago when I was trying to decide if I should go back to school for a business degree. I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur, I knew I wanted to be a Life Coach, and it seemed that the best way to go about it was to improve my business knowledge. 

Well thank you universe for showing me that there is another way, that in my opinion is also a better way. I have learned so much from Marie about what it takes to be a confident, independent, and successful woman and entrepreneur. 

Last year I applied for a scholarship to Marie's B-School program, and was not selected for a spot. Looking back on it I am very thankful that I didn't. At the time I had no idea what direction I wanted to take my coaching business or how I was going to get there. I also had a lot of my plate with school, yoga teacher training, and working full time. 

The application process for B-School Scholarships opens up in February and you can bet your beautiful butt that I am applying for it. I finally feel ready to take on the challenge and to grow my business into something amazing so that I can help more women just like you achieve their wildest dreams. 

To find out more about this multi-passionate boss babe click here

That's it for now gorgeous. Until next time, I would love to hear from you. 

Who was the biggest source of inspiration in your life this year?

Comment below and let me know.