Intention - My Theme for 2017

I have decided to take a completely different approach to goal setting and deciding what I would like to focus on for 2017. 

I have had too many years where I write out lists of things I would like to achieve, only to leave them sitting in a journal somewhere, not to be looked at for another year. 

This year I am taking the approach of setting INTENTIONS rather than GOALS. 

What exactly does this mean?

It means that instead of listing off what are essentially "To Do" list style items like "Lose weight" or "Read 50 books", I am shifting my focus to living my life with certain intentions in mind each day. 

Last year I took two online courses that revolved around the theme of Intention and I must say that I am hooked. 

Through Instagram with Intention I was able to learn so much about how to create a beautiful feed that helps me connect with ideal clients and represent my brand in an authentic and visually appealing way to grow my tribe. 

Through Life with Intention Online I learned about the difference between Intuition and The Ego, how to create a life centred around values and intentions, and the difference between living life with force or allowing more flow to occur in your life. 

Reflecting on all of this made it perfectly clear to me that this is my year to decide to live from a place of intuitive intention and to create space in my daily life to allow for more flow. 

Here are a few examples of intentions I have created for myself this year just in case you feel the urge to take a different approach to 2017 as well. 

"I would like to spend my time, energy, and money intentionally by treating them like the rare and valuable gifts that they are." 

"I would like to evaluate all of my possessions and decide whether or not they serve a distinct purpose, and/or add value to my life. If the answer is no, I will let them go."

"Create massive change and make a positive impact in the world by fearlessly and authentically sharing my story, passion, and knowledge with others."

"Embrace a lifestyle of simple abundance, created through meaningful, intuitive, and intentional living."

"Help women achieve balance in their lives and beat overwhelm by teaching them to love their uniquely beautiful selves and connecting them with their inner feminine badass."

I am very excited to see what the universe brings into my life as I live each day focused on these intentions. I feel deep down in my gut that 2017 is going to be one hell of a ride and I can hardly wait to experience it all.