The Birth of Epic Women Rising

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Have you ever felt a pull so strong from the Universe that you had absolutely no choice but to listen to her call?

This is exactly how my Facebook community, Epic Women Rising came into existence.

She was a whisper from my soul, a tugging at my heart, and passion project that I just knew needed to be birthed into the world.

What is Epic Women Rising? Why I am so glad you asked.

Epic Women Rising is a community of empowered, purposeful, inspired, and connected women rising up to their higher purpose.

It’s an opportunity for you to learn about the power of simplicity to help you curate a life of purpose, value and joy.

It’s a safe space for you to dive into the sometimes messy, but always worth it work of embracing radical self-love.

It’s a tribe of high-vibing women who are looking to forge deep, soul level connections with sacred sisters like your wonderful self.

It’s a community of ladies who respect and support one another, offer each other value and connection, and who are lifting each other up as we journey through this adventure of life together.

Does this beautiful space sound like something your soul is leading you to explore?

We would be honoured to welcome you into the tribe with open arms.

Oh and I left out the best part! This community it completely free.

You heard me gorgeous one, this is a free group loaded with tips, trainings and tools for to help you embrace your highest purpose and grow into your truest, most authentic self.

Are you ready to start leading your EPIC life?

It’s waiting for you right here.