Jess Demunck on Self-Love and Sisterhood

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Hey there gorgeous soul sistahs!

Please join me in welcoming the incredible Jess Demunck to the blog today as she spills on all things radical self-love and sacred sisterhood. 

Jess is a Life Coach, Teacher and Storyteller who supports young women to understand the story of their lives, embrace their innate authenticity and take back authorship.  

This epic woman has over half a decade of experience in the education sector, so she knows what it takes to support others to achieve their highest potential.

She is extremely passionate about people and heart-centered connection, believes that stories have the power to both inspire and heal, and is on a mission to empower others through this powerful modality.

I am so excited to dive right in and share the interview below as she shares with us her perspective on how to lead from your heart and soul, chats about her love affair with words and gives us a sneak peak into how she honours and respects herself. 

How do you connect with and honour your authentic self?

I listen. My mind, body, heart and soul are always telling me a story and I know that it is my job to listen. If I listen without judgement, and act without expectation, I'm a true and authentic expression of me.

What is your favourite way to be supported by the women in your life?

Words. Words of affirmation, understanding and connection is my love language. I feel seriously supported when people speak openly and honestly with me. Ugh- there's nothing better!

Share with us your favourite source of inspiration to get you fired up and focused.

In a practical sense- books and podcasts are my homeboys. Can you see a pattern here of my love affair with words? In a more spiritual sense- I get fired up when I am in alignment with my soul. That juicy, epic feeling of following your intuition and living on purpose is everything!

What makes you feel truly and deeply empowered?

The advances in women's rights at this point in history. I feel so excited and inspired by the future and know that momentum will only continue to grow and grow! The rate of change at the moment is empowering.

What lights you up most in the world?

A combination of green tea, the beach and my incredible fiancé .

How do you bring joy and fulfillment into your daily life?

By choosing to notice it. Joy and fulfilment aren't separate to me or to my experience- or to anyone else's for that matter. We experience what we choose to and so I choose to.

What's your favourite must read book for women?

I could rattle off a whole host of personal development books by the most brilliant female authors, however, I'm going to go with ANYTHING by Jodi Picoult. That woman is an absolute literary genius. Must reads.

How can my tribe build a deeper Sacred Sister connection with you?

By interacting with me on social media - Instagram is one of my favourite places to hang out online so I'd love to meet you over there! You could also check out my website and download your free Authenticity Meditation!

Wowwie ladies, I don't know about you, but I found so many golden takeaways in this interview with Jess.

If you feel called to embrace your brilliance, and step up as the lead character of your personal narrative, I highly recommend booking in a free Clarity Call with Jess to find out how she can help you create your own epic life. 

Connect with Jess over on IG (@jess_demunck) or click the banner below to scope out her website.

I would also be thrilled to invite you into this conversation.

Comment below and share with us the thing that resonated with you most. xx